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Privacy Policy

The Shining website is an e-commerce shopping site operated by 萊美有限公司. We comply with the Personal Data Protection Act and relevant laws and regulations regarding the collection, processing, and use of your personal information and transaction data.

By reading and signing this privacy policy, you agree that our company may collect, process, and use your personal data in accordance with this policy. If you do not agree to all or part of this privacy policy, please stop using our website services.

This privacy policy is expressly incorporated into the website terms of use and other applicable provisions published by our company regarding the use of this website.

1. Scope of Privacy Policy
(1) This Privacy Policy applies to the website owned and operated by the Company, regardless of your location or country.
(2) The website may contain links or services provided by third parties that are not covered by this Privacy Policy. You understand and agree that when you click on or visit a third-party website, you should review the personal data protection policies of that website.

2. Collection Methods of Personal Information
The company collects personal data from users who register on the website or make purchases. They may also obtain personal data from marketing activities or partner companies.

3. Collection Purposes
(1) The Company will collect, process and use your personal information on the website for all necessary purposes related to the operation of the Company, including but not limited to:
      1. Operating the business in accordance with the business registration items or articles of association.
      2. Providing and maintaining services on the website.
      3. Logistics and shipping.
      4. Developing and improving service content.
      5. Conducting market research, marketing, and recording customer consumption records and related payment information based on the 
          necessity of managing customer data.
      6. Other business-related matters.
      7. Preventing unauthorized use, such as unauthorized access.
(2) Referring to the "Specific Purposes and Categories of Personal Information under the Personal Data Protection Act" promulgated by the Ministry of Justice, our company collects, processes, uses, and retains your personal information for the following specific purposes and categories:
      1. 040 Marketing.
      2. 063 Collection, processing, and use of personal information by non-public agencies according to statutory duties.
      3. 067 Credit card, cash card, transfer card, or electronic ticketing services.
      4. 069 Contract, similar contract, or other legal relationship matters.
      5. 090 Consumer and customer management and service.
      6. 091 Consumer protection.
      7. 098 Commercial and technical information.
      8. 107 Procurement and supply management.
      9. 118 Intellectual property rights, CD management, and other related administrative matters.
      10. 125 Broadcasting administration and management.
      11. 129 Accounting and related services.
      12. 132 Operation of communication business.
      13. 136 Information (communication) and database management.
      14. 148 Online shopping and other e-commerce services.
      15. 152 Advertising or business management.
      16. 157 Investigation, statistics, and research analysis.
      17. 181 Other businesses in compliance with the registered business items or organizational charter.

4. Personal Data Collection Types
(1) The types of personal data collected by the Company include the following:
      1. Personal basic information: gender, age, ID number, phone number, address, email, certificate serial number, and other personally
           identifiable information.
      2. Financial and payment information: credit card number, financial institution account information, third-party payment provider electronic
          account information, and other payment information disclosed during the use of this website and the payment of service fees.
      3. Technical information: technical data generated by your use of this website, such as IP address, login time, location data, financial transaction
           information, and other data that can identify personal leisure activities, interests, and lifestyle.
      4. Other information related to the website that may directly or indirectly identify the user's identity.
(2) Referring to the "Categories of Personal Information for Specific Purposes and Personal Information" promulgated by the Ministry of Justice, the types of personal information collected, processed, and used by our company are as follows:
      1. C001: Identifier of the individual.
      2. C002: Identifier of the financial status.
      3. C003: Identifier from government data.
      4. C011: Personal description.
      5. C021: Family status.
      6. C023: Details of other family members.
      7. C031: Home and facilities.
      8. C034: Travel and other migration details.
      9. C035: Leisure activities and interests.
      10. C036: Lifestyle.
      11. C038: Occupation.
      12. C081: Income, earnings, assets, and investments.
      13. C093: Financial transactions.
      14. C102: Agreement or contract.
      15. C132: Unclassified information.

5. Period, recipients, regions, and methods of personal data usage
(1) Personal data usage period: during the operational period of our company or until the date you request us to stop using it.
(2) Personal data usage region: the location of our company's business operations and server host.
(3) Personal data disclosure recipients:
      1. Unless it falls under one of the following situations, the Company will not share your personal information with any company,
          institution or individual outside of the Company:
          (1) Prior consent is obtained from you. 
          (2) Company affiliates. 
          (3) Compliance with a legitimate investigation by judicial authorities. 
          (4) Compliance with investigations or uses by relevant authorities. 
          (5) Based on legal reasons: The Company will provide appropriate information to statutory institutions when necessary in accordance with
          the laws, orders, subpoenas, judgments, and dispositions of the Republic of China, which may include your personal information. 
          (6) In case of organizational adjustment due to organizational restructuring, the Company will ensure the confidentiality of all personal data
          related to such adjustments and notify you before the transfer of personal data and when bound by another privacy policy. 
          (7) Business partners: such as logistics companies, payment processing companies, and financial institutions. 
          (8) To protect the legitimate rights and interests of other users or third parties in emergency situations.
          (9) To maintain the normal operation of the member service system.
      2. If the company processes your personal information in a way that makes it anonymous and unidentifiable, they are not required to protect
          that information under this privacy policy.
(4) Personal data usage: personal data will be used in accordance with this privacy policy and the Personal Data Protection Act.
(5) Personal data storage: the company will provide technical and security measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, as stipulated in Article 12 of the Personal Data Protection Act, to maintain the security of your personal data.

6. Exercising Personal Data Rights
In accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, you have the following rights with respect to your personal data:
(1) You have the following rights regarding your personal data:
      1. Right to inquire, access, and obtain copies of your personal data.
      2. Right to request correction or supplementation of your personal data.
      3. Right to request cessation of collection, processing, or utilization, and deletion of your personal data.
      4. Right to request cessation of processing, utilization, or restriction of your personal data if its accuracy is in dispute, except when it is
          necessary for business purposes or with your written consent.
      5. Right to request deletion, cessation of processing or utilization, or restriction of your personal data if the purpose for collection no longer
          exists or the retention period has expired, except when it is necessary for business purposes or with your written consent
(2) How to exercise your rights: Submit a written request to the company. You can contact the company by sending an email to 【service@shiningbeauty.com.tw】. The company reserves the right to refuse requests made orally, over the phone, or through other non-written means.
(3) Before processing your request, the company may ask you to provide relevant information to verify your identity. You should also specify the information you wish to access, correct, or remove. The company may charge necessary costs and fees.
(4) If the company has concerns that responding to your request may harm national security, diplomatic or military secrets, overall economic interests, other major national interests, hinder public agencies from performing their legal duties, or harm the company or the interests of third parties, the company will refuse your request.

7. Special Provisions
(1) The Company may publish some of the information on this website on your social activity page through third-party websites, such as Facebook and similar social service systems, after obtaining your consent. If you do not agree to the publication of such information, please do not click the agree button, or remove such information through the membership mechanism of each social service system or refuse the website to continue publishing related information.
(2) If the delivery address, contact person, contact information, and other personal data filled in by you are not your personal information, you undertake that you have obtained the consent of the relevant person to provide it to the Company and have notified them of the statutory notification items on behalf of the Company. If this causes any damage to the relevant person, you shall bear all responsibilities and have nothing to do with the Company.

8. Cookie
To provide the best service, this website may set and access cookies on your computer. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can reject the writing of cookies through device settings, but this may result in the company being unable to provide certain services on this website.

9. Accuracy of Personal Information
You may choose whether or not to provide any personal information requested by the company. You should ensure that all personal information provided to the company is true, accurate, valid, up-to-date, and complete. Failure to provide personal information as required above may result in your inability to use this website.

10. Impact of Failure to Provide Personal Information on Rights and Interests
If you fail to provide personal information, the company will be unable to fully perform its services, and depending on the specific circumstances, may suspend some of the services on this website, terminate service to you, or refuse to enter into any contract with you.

11. Privacy Policy Revision
This privacy policy will be effective from the time you start using this website. The company may make appropriate revisions in response to legal amendments or technological advancements, and will update the link on the homepage of this website for your reference. If you continue to use this website service after any modification or change, you will be deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all the contents of this privacy policy and its subsequent modifications and changes.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this privacy policy, please contact or inquire with the company through the contact information provided in point 6 above.